Split a String into a String Array
Splitting a thing is a very useful thing.
It splits a String at a specific char.

Example 1:
String mystring = "Hello World";
String helloworld[] = mystring.split("");
//This will Split mystring into:
//helloworld[0] = "Hello";
//and: helloworld[1] = "World";

Example 2:
public class test {
  public test() {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    test test = new test();
    String pplrow = "Carl;Marc;Peter;Mikel";
    String pplarray[] = pplrow.split(";");

    //This Will give the following output: "Peter"

You can also split a string with a StringTokenizer (I personally prefer this solution):

Example 3:
String test="one;two;three;";
StringTokenizer stk=new StringTokenizer(test,";");
String[] stringarray=new String[stk.countTokens()];
int counter=0;

while(stk.hasMoreTokens()) {
//Result: stringarray[0]="one" stringarray[1]="two" stringarray[2]="three"
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