SSHD: Change SSH Server Port on OSX 10.3
Here is an instruction which explains how to change the port number of ssh server daemon:
AN important thing is, that it can't be done as easy as in OSX 10.2, where you just had to edit the sshd_config file...

1. cd /etc/xinetd.d
2. sudo cp ssh ssh.bak
3. sudo chmod +w ssh
4. sudo pico ssh
5. add the letter 'd' to the end of the first line
6. sudo chmod -w ssh
7. cd /etc
8. sudo cp services services.bak
9. sudo pico services
10. in Pico, comment out the existing lines for your desired port and add these replacement lines:
sshd 8000/udp
sshd 8000/tcp
(replace 8000 with your desired port number)
11. sudo cp sshd_config sshd_config.bak
12. sudo pico sshd_config
13. in Pico, add the following line:
Port 8000
(replace 8000 with your desired port number)
14. cycle Remote Login in Sharing in System Preferences
15. ssh -p 8000 username@computer - works
(replace 8000 with your desired port number)
16. ssh username@computer - fails

source: by James Commons
admin / Dec 06, 2012
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