Speed up WD MyBook Live performance (and rsync backup)
A few steps are necessary to speed up WD MyBook Live performance.

Login to WD MyBook Live and navigate to "Settings --> Media". There, disable the "Twonky Media Server" by uncheking "Media streaming".

Next, disable "mediacrawler": SSH into your device and issue the following commands:
cd /usr/local/mediacrawler/bin
chmod 644 mediacrawler

This will stop the drive from indexing media files (music or videos).

If you ever want to re-enable mediacrawler again:
cd /usr/local/mediacrawler/bin
chmod 755 mediacrawler

If you want to use rsync between multiple WD MyBook Live drives, use the following syntax:
sync --protect-args -av --delete -e "ssh -T -c arcfour -o Compression=no -x" "path/to/folder1" "root@" >> rsync.log
The -e arg will use a weak encryption which is faster.
The --delete arg will delete files on destination, which are not on source

More info:
- https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=6606
admin / Nov 02, 2016
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