Install new HDD into WD MyBook Live and install system
This little tutorial describes how to install a new HDD into Western digital MyBook Live.
A complete guide can be found here:

1. Open the MyBook Live and remove / install HDD:

2. Download the WD MyBook Live image. Mine (3 TB in the example) can be found here:!FZkASQ6T!P3DMWzaOn62jSrG4SECtIDeJeLYEdmz6w6kR9it8U68

2. Put the new HDD into a computer running Linux and install the WD image on the HDD using the following commands.

Install 7zip if not already installed:
apt-get install p7zip

Decompress image:
7zr e mybook3tb.7z

Check installed hard drives:
fdisk -l
The WD MyBook harddrive should be around 3000.6 GB. Make sure to correctly identify the disk (eg. /dev/sda or /dev/sdb)
Let's assume in this example that your new harddrive for the MyBook is /dev/sdx.

Optional: Check if your new drive is healthy:
smartctl -a /dev/sdx

Finally, copy the image on the new HDD
(This will erase all data on the target drive!!)
dd if=mybook3tb.img of=/dev/sdx bs=1M
(This could take some minutes...)

Now the harddrive should be ok. Put it back into the WD MyBook Live and connect it to power/LAN. On it's web-interface, issue "Quick Factory Restore".
Access the MyBook Live:
http://mybooklive or:
http://mybooklive.local or:

To enable SSH on the new hdd:
Navigate to http://mybooklive.local/UI/ssh and check the SSH enable checkbox.
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