Extract EXE-Drivers from Sony, HP, ... (Win 7, ...)
Sometimes you download .EXE drivers from Sony, HP, ... that cannot be installed on certain systems or that contain a lot of software from which you want to install only one component. To extract a driver from such an EXE-archive, the tool "Universal Installer" is very helpful.

I'll show this process with an example:
I had to install Flash Card Reader Driver (Win 7) on a Toshiba Satellite A100-018. Toshiba does not offer this driver for Win 7.

First I had to download this Driver from Sony:

When trying to install this driver, it says this driver cannot install on this system, because it is no Sony notebook. At this point, download and install Universal Extractor from:

After it is installed, right click on the sony .EXE driver and chose "Extract here". Voila the driver is extracted and can now be installed by using Windows Hardware browser.
admin / Nov 02, 2014
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