Mount remote directory over SSH (SSHFS)
If you want to mount a remote directory over ssh without having to install and configure eg. a SAMBA server on the remote machine, SSHFS is a handy thing! To use sshfs only a few steps are required:

Download and install the latest version of OSXFUSE from:
Download and install the latest version of SSHFS from:

Then create a mount point (use terminal):
mkdir /Volumes/media

Then use sshfs to mount the remote dir:
sshfs user@remotehost:/path/to/some/folder /Volumes/media

Replace user and remotehost with the username and remote machine IP address and /path/to/some/folder with the directory on the remote machine.

If the remote machine uses a non-standard port for the ssh server (as in my case):
sshfs -p 34770 user@remotehost:/path/to/some/folder /Volumes/media

If you want to give the volume a special name, use:
sshfs -o volname=somename user@remotehost:/path/to/some/folder /Volumes/media

(The chattr command changes the mount point as to prevent that files are created inside this directory, when the remote machine is not mounted. I use this normally on Linux Like systems. On OS X it is: [b]chflags uchg /Volumes/media
and it may be replaced by chattr +i /Volumes/media on Linux-like systems.)

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