Windows 8 on MacBook Pro: hints & tricks
Here is some information about running Windows 8 64bit on a MacBook Pro (my model is v. 2008; not officially supported).

Brightness adjustmentnot working
If after installing NVIDIA drivers the brightness adjustment does no longer work, you need to create a registry entry:
- Open regedit
- Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Class
- Make sure "Class" is selected
- Ctrl-F to open find. Search for "nvidia"
- In the folder "0000" that was just found create a DWORD with name "EnableBrightnessControl" and value "1"
- Reboot

Boot Camp drivers
I installed Windows 8 on an unsupported machine. Thus installation directly from BootCamp was unavailable - I had to install manually by booting from the Windows 8 CD. Later in Windows 8 it is easy to do the driver installation manually, using the latest Boot Camp software from:
At the time of writing this, the following downloads were the most actual: (V 5.1.5621 for old models) (V 5.1.5640 for 2013 models)

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