Send E-Mails from Command Line (batch file)
Sending an E-Mail from the windows commandline (cmd) is useful in batch files (.bat) when doing something like a backup to get informed about the success.
There is a little application included in this article (mailer.exe) which can be used for this purpose.
Just open mailer.exe from the commandline with the following parameters:

mailer.exe textfile.txt -subject "The subject of this message" -to -server -port 25

textfile.txt is the file, which is sent as the E-Mail body.
The -subject parameter defines the E-Mail subject line.
The -to parameter defines the receivers E-Mail address.
-server is used for the mailserver whcih should be used (IP or Name), -port defines the port (25 = smtp).
admin / Dec 08, 2005
mailer.exe: The little Win32 application, used to send an E-Mail from the Command Line.
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