Directory Mirroring PHP-script
This is a script, that mirrors a directory to another one in the filesystem of your webserver.
I use this script to copy backups from one harddrive to another one, a Raid 0 solution for poor guys you could say.

You can configure the two directories in the top part of this script.
Then, when you copy files into the first directory (source dir) and you run this script, they will be copied to the second directory (destination dir).
If you delete files in the source dir which were already copied and you run the script again, they will also be deleted inside the destination dir.

The script only looks for filenames, not filesize. That means, that if you begin copying a file into the source dir and you run the script, the current state of this file will be copied to the destination dir. If you run the script again after you finished copying the file, it won't replace the earlier version of the file inside the destination dir, because the filename is the same and the script sees, that this file already exists.
It also handles only files inside a directory. Subfolders and their files are not touched.
admin / Dec 03, 2005
servermirror.php.txt: PHP sourcecode of a script, which copies the content of a directory to another directory, on the filesystem of a webserver.
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