"Disabling IRQ #15" message at startup
The problem is, that booting takes about 15 minutes, it hangs up with the message "Disabling IRQ #15".
Most of the times, IRQ #15 is for the IDE Controller.

There may be some helpful informations in the following files at boot time. I have put some content of mine under these files:
15:  1300000    XT-PIC  ide1

Disabling IRQ #15
hdc: lost interrupt
irq 15: nobody cared!

Disabling IRQ #15
ide-cd: cmd 0x3 timed out
hdc: lost interrupt
irq 15: nobody cared!

Unfortunately, the BIOS of my Acer TravelMate 513TE (510 Series) had no IDE configuration parameters. I was not able to go around this problem. No Mandriva Linux on my machine... :(
admin / Nov 02, 2004
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