Installing PHP /w extensions on IIS6 (Win 2003)
I have experienced that it can be a pain installing PHP with its extensions under windows 2003 server.
Here are some hints:

- If you installed PHP for IIS6 on Windows 2003, and it asks you something about script map in the end, click "yes". After that, the php extensions seems to be not inside the IIS's extensions. Simply install PHP again (into the same directory, over the old instalation) and make sure a console pops up at the end which executes a script. That should make it run.

That should have made PHP run on your website. If you have problems loading extensions, check the following points:

1) Make sure PHP is installed in "C:\PHP" and it's extensions are in "C:\PHP\extensions".
2) Open the php.ini file (C:\WINNT\php.ini) and go to the line with the extensions dir. Thse two lines have to look like this:
; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
extension_dir = C:PHPextensions

3) Find out in IIS under what AppPool your site is running. Then find out what user is listed under the idendity tab for that AppPool in IIS. Give this user (e.g. Network service) as well as IUSR_WPG and IUSR_MACHINENAME EXE/READ rights RECURSIVLY (use 'advanced' button) for complete php directory (e.g. c:\php) and its subdirectories. Also give EXE/READ rights for those users on c:\windows\php.ini and c:\windows\php4ts.dll
4) Check out
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