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Mac OS X on a regular PC (Dell notebook)
Oct 16, 2006

It is possible! I installed Mac OS X 10.4.x Intel version on a regular PC a couple of days ago. The codeword of the version of OS X that makes such an installation possible is called OSX86.
After I tried 6 times, I found out that the installation doesn't work if OS X updates (10.4.5 / 10.4.6) are selected. But I had to select at least one of the components (I selected wireless drivers) which were added by the group that created the installation cd.

There were a few more special things about it:
  • Firewire and USB both work fine.
  • I couldn't select German as the language, only English worked.
  • My toshiba wireless card (Atheros chipset) Mini PCI 802.11b/g was not supported, maybe a madwifi driver would have done it but I didn't try.
  • My graphics card (nVidia GeForce 4 32mb) worked only at 1024*768 (instead of 1400*1280) and no driver was loaded for it. I couldn't watch a movie on my notebook under OS X unfortunately...
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