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6-legged Spider Robot
Dec 21, 2006 - Dec 27, 2007

Project Description
I had the idea to build a spider robot with 12 RC servos, 2 used for each of the 6 legs. I found a lot of information on the internet, for example a spider robot construction kit on lynxmotion.com (see the picture on the right).
Further, I decided to buy a serial device, to control the robot from my computer. You can find more information about the building process and the used devices below.
  Lynxmotion kit:

Pololu 16 Servo Controller
I bought a 16 Servo Controller from Pololu which can be attached to the serial port of my computer. It's a small electronical device which costs about $ 50 bucks and has to be assembled (cheaper than the preassembled version).
It was quite a bit of work to solder everything and make sure that the different circuits don't get damaged.
There are some example codes on the web on how to access the servo controller from a pc. GPSBots hosts an example in C++ (click here) and one in Visual Basic (click here). It's important that a 'straight through' serial cable (RS232 DB9) is used!

First Spider-Leg prototype
This is a prototype leg for the Spider Robot. It's made of balsa wood and has a dual pivot element. Two RC servos are used for the circular motion. Unfortunately, the margin is pretty wide and it will probably not bear the 2 kg robot when it's finished. I'm looking forward to create a prototype leg with a so called C-Bracket from lynxmotion.   Straight:

Useful Links:
http://www.rc-kunstflug.de/tut/servos.htm (Servo torque table)
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