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Holiday Blog: America del sur
Nov 03, 2013
In the following weeks I will write about my trip from Buenos Aires via Punta Arenas to Tegucigalpa. Read it here: blog.lookass.ch (in German).
Temperature Sensor and Webcam in Lauwil
Jul 09, 2009
I've recently posted an instruction about how to build a low cost temperature sensor (see here) for the PC. Now it's finally installed at my house! I use rrdtool to create temperature graphs. An instruction how to do that and my live-updated graphs can be found here. To make this even nicer, I've installed a Webcam which also displays current temperature (here).
low-cost and self-made Hot Tub
Mar 14, 2009
I had this idea pretty long ago, to build a Hot Tub in the garden. A Hot Tub is a heated little swimming pool, made out of a wooden barrel. Now that I have all the needed parts together, I will soon post a documentation about how to build such a fun thing! And even for the tenth part of the money it would cost if you bought it from a Hot Tub reseller. Stay tuned :)
Low-Cost Serial-Port Temperature Sensor
Dec 24, 2008
I recently came across a guide on how to build a low-cost temperature sensor for your PC. It requires very few components and works in collaboration with the open source software Digitemp.... Read more
Study documents available
Dec 03, 2008
I've created a new section on the site, where files (mostly summaries and furmularies) about my study are available. Feel free to use them for your own studies and customize them as you wish. I'm also open for inputs about mistakes or additions. Click here to access the study page.
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